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Our History

Ecological Trends Alliance is a registered National Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Uganda. The Organisation started its operation in 2011 as a company Limited by guarantee. As a requirement of the registration of NGO Act 2016, it required that such company is incorporated then be registered with the National bureau for Non-Governmental Organisation. The renewal of the permits under the Act follows a five-year cycle.

The Organisation prepares to celebrate its first decade in operation on 15th April 2021. Over the past Seven years, the Organisation has implemented a number of programmes, projects and studies in the areas of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development working with national, multinational and international companies and organisations. This included research covering Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, biodiversity assessment and Offset valuation, camera trapping and wildlife telemetry, site assessments for tourism potential and other biological fields. Other projects ranged from restoration material sourcing, site characterisation for restoration and enrichment planting and agro-forestry.

Additionally, the works of the organisation included projects on Bushmeat, Human Wildlife Conflicts, fisheries and restoration of degraded landscapes. However, the organisation continues to grow and partner to meet its strategic objectives with a MISSION “To secure global solutions to the biodiversity, development and tourism challenges through providing biologically diverse and proven alternatives".


Plot 23 JOFRA House


P.O BOX 29940, Kampala-Uganda
Mail:         Phone: +256 414 666 776