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Ecological Trends Alliance

Welcome to Ecological Trends Alliance

Working to enhance environmental conservation and provide knowledge for the benefit of the people and sustainable national development.

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Evidence Based Research

Evidence Based Research

The integration of environment values to society needs is impeded by the large gap between science, policy and implementation of management options.

Environment and Livelihood programmes

Environment and Livelihoods

Natural habitats and ecosystems provide a huge range of environmental goods and services that contribute enormously to human well-being.

Conservation of Sensitive Landscapes

Conservation of Sensitive Landscapes

Sensitive landscapes and habitats are designated to ensure the conservation and protection of rare, endangered, threatened or priority species.

Climate change and people

Climate Change and People

Climate change and rural livelihoods can be considered both as a global and local issue, which mostly affects rural communities.Since they are more vulnerable, they have to adapt their livelihoods strategies to face different impacts....

Capacity building and skills development

Capacity Building and Skills development

Ecological Trends Alliance aim to provide training, build capacity in ecology, environment, development and livelihoods to improve skills, knowledge, practice and behavior/attitude...



The Ecological Trends Alliance prides in enhancing and building of internal and affiliated human capacity.With a core multidisciplinary secretariat comprised of Scientists, sociologists, Environmental economists...


Ecological Trends Alliance Partners

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